Comprehensive Guide to Developmental Disabilities Services in Alberta

Comprehensive Guide to Developmental Disabilities Services in Alberta is a formal document that provides essential information about developmental disabilities services in Alberta. It is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking guidance and support in accessing these services. This guide aims to provide detailed insights into the available resources, programs, and support systems specifically tailored to individuals with developmental disabilities in the province of Alberta. When searching for developmental disabilities services in Alberta, it can be overwhelming to navigate the various resources available. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the services offered in Alberta, helping individuals with developmental disabilities and their families find the support they need.

Eligibility Criteria for Developmental Disabilities Services in Alberta

According to the Government of Alberta (2022), to be eligible for developmental disabilities services, an individual must meet certain criteria, including:

– Being at least 16 years old when applying for services

– Being 18 years old when services initiate

– Residing in Alberta

– Being a permanent resident or Canadian citizen

– Having a developmental disability originating before age 18

– Requiring assistance with daily activities and learning new things


Services Provided by the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Program

The PDD program, offered by the Government of Alberta (2022), provides a range of services, including:

– Home Living Support: Assistance with daily living tasks, such as personal care and household management

– Employment Support: Help finding and maintaining employment

– Community Access Support: Access to community activities and resources

– Respite Care: Temporary care to give families a break

– Behavioral Counseling: Support for individuals with behavioral challenges

– Psycho-Social Assessments: Assessments to determine individual needs


How to Apply for PDD Services

To apply for PDD services, individuals can follow these steps, as outlined by the Government of Alberta (2022):

– Contact Alberta Supports to discuss eligibility and services

– Submit an application, including required documents (e.g., proof of age and citizenship, assessment report)

– Wait for a decision on eligibility and service allocation


Additional Resources

For more information on developmental disabilities services in Alberta, individuals can:

– Visit the Government of Alberta website for information on PDD services and eligibility (Government of Alberta, 2022)

– Use the Find Supports tool on the MyAlbertaSupports portal to explore other programs and services (MyAlbertaSupports, n.d.)

– Contact Alberta Supports staff for guidance and support (Alberta Supports, n.d.)


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Comprehensive Guide to Developmental Disabilities Services in Alberta

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